Thursday, January 18, 2007

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Note: The image here links to an inexpensive paperback copy of Walden.  For an ebook copy, go to Project Gutenberg to download the book for free.

The last time I read Walden was about almost five years ago, in an American Literature class in college. I'm reviewing it now for a lit site that I am contributing to, and I decided that I should probably reread it in order to write the best review.

I had forgotten how dry Thoreau's writing could be, and how little he thought of society. He spends a great deal of time criticizing people for placing so much importance on clothes, fancy houses, and many other living expenses that he deems unnecessary. In fact, Walden is entirely based on Thoreau's premise that one doesn't have to have lots of clothes, or a big house, or indeed even spend the majority of his life working. Walden is more than just a book about living closer than nature - it's about a return to a simpler style of living.

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