Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster

I decided I needed a brief break from my steady diet recently of nonfiction and classics, so I'm now reading Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster. Although it's nonfiction, this memoir is told in light prose. It's a quick read and pretty darn funny.

The author is basically this stuck-up princess who loses her unbelieveable income during the post-9/11 layoffs. Although you can't help but laugh at the things she says about her co-workers, friends, neighbors, other dog owners, and her wedding, she's also the type of girl you'd love to hate: absolutely full of herself.

What I think is so funny about the book is that even though the reader knows Jen is a spoiled-brat-bordering-on-bitch, she's also saying things to the idiots all around her that most of us only dream of saying. There's something very satisfying about reading some of the things she says, and it's one of the few books I've read that makes me laugh out loud -- frequently.

If you need something really fun to read, look no further than Jen Lancaster's Bitter is the New Black!

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