Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

In my last post, I said that I was going to catch up on books that I haven't posted. As it turns out, I have something more pressing to write about -- a good book that totally derailed my plans (not to mention my sleep schedule).

But first, a little background. I discovered Jodi Picoult while I was visiting my grandfather. I'll blog later about the first two books of hers that I read, but for the moment it's enough to say that I fell immediately in love with her characters, her writing style, and her amazing ability to get you into her character's heads and their complex lives. In short, Picoult writes the kinds of books I want to write someday.

I started My Sister's Keeper at about midnight tonight, and I finished it five and a half hours later. I literally read the book all in one sitting -- I couldn't put it down, couldn't slow down. I seriously think I only closed the book once, and for less than three minutes.

I loved the other two Picoult books that I read, but My Sister's Keeper is my favorite so far. Picoult takes challenging issues and writes books that closed-minded people would no doubt ban, if she weren't so good at forcing their minds open by making you see through her character's eyes. This particular novel takes a new spin on the stem cell debate by saying, "What if medical miracles were taken not from a lifeless, unwanted embryo, but a living, breathing child with her own life to live? How would it impact that child to know that she is alive for the primary purpose of saving her sister's life?"

Of course, as with all of Picoult's books, this is an extremely simplistic way of describing the story and the questions it poses. Picoult is a master of weaving multiple plotlines together, all of them unique yet irrevocably connected.

I think it's probably unnecessary to say that I highly recommend My Sister's Keeper, but I will anyway. Seriously, read this book. But don't start it unless you have a solid block of reading time -- I don't necessary recommend reading it all in one sitting (I'm tired!!!), but it will be hard to put down.

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