Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

The newest Jodi Picoult novel that I'm reading is Plain Truth. Although the subject matter and setting of this book is different than her other books, I am starting to notice a pattern.

First of all, Picoult's books almost always involve a crime, or at least a violation against someone's rights. And it almost always goes to trial (Picture Perfect being the only one I read that didn't include a trial). However, Picoult's books are different than most lawyer fiction because she gets to the heart of the issue -- she puts a human face on the crime. So although the court scenes are very suspenseful and do an excellent job of drawing the reader along, they are secondary to the emotional and psychological drama that is taking place both in and out of the courtroom.

But back to Plain Truth... Like I said, this one is a little different -- in a way. It is about an 18-year-old Amish girl who is being accused of neonatacide (killing a baby). The hospital determines that the dead premie in the barn is indeed hers, but the girl is having problems even admitting to herself that she was ever pregnant. Of course, eventually she is able to come to terms with her pregnancy (and the act that got her that way), but the question now is -- how did the baby die?

This book is shaping up to be quite good. It is definitely another book I would recommend -- but then, what Picoult book wouldn't I recommend?

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