Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Milk Memos by Cate Colburn-Smith and Andrea Serrette

I am currently reading The Milk Memos, by Cate Colburn-Smith and Andrea Serrette. This book was a total impulse buy: Last week, when Michael and I were at Tattered Cover (a local, independent Barnes and Noble-style bookstore that offers free WiFi), I spotted it on the shelf right next to where we were sitting.

How can you resist a book with the title "The Milk Memos," especially when it has wide baby's eyes and an almost-bald baby's head on the cover? I picked it up and started looking at it, and I very quickly became intrigued.

The Milk Memos is part memoir, part how-to for working moms. Basically, the authors were both working at IBM shortly after giving birth, so they were both using the lactation room -- the room the company provided them in order to pump at work. Along with other nursing/working moms, they started keeping a little notebook, where they would all leave messages to each other while they were pumping.

The Milk Memos includes some of those exchanges, divided into specific topics and accompanied by related commentary and how-to information. The focus of the book is helping working moms continue to breastfeed; despite the dramatic health benefits enjoyed by breastfed babies, the task of pumping throughout the day intimidates many new mothers into switching to forumla.

The biggest reason why I bought the book was that it has a chapter for work-at-home moms. Since I am a writer who works from home, I thought the book might have some good tips for when Michael and I have a baby. I know that many of my fellow freelance writers are also work-at-home moms, too, so take note — this book has some good tips!


Cate Colburn-Smith said...

Hello! Cate Colburn-Smith here, co-author of The Milk Memos! My little Google alert agent notified me that you blogged about The Milk Memos, so I had to pay a visit and say hello. I'm so pleased that you came across the book at The Tattered Cover (love that place). I hope you enjoy it! All the best to you and Michael.
Kind Regards, Cate

Katharine Swan said...

Thanks for visiting, Cate! I'm about two-thirds of the way through the book, and still enjoying it immensely. You'll probably be hearing from your Google alert agent again sometime soon, because I'll be reviewing the book on my Reading For Writers blog as well -- I know of many freelancers who are also mothers of little ones, and I'm sure they will all like the book just as much as I have.

Thanks again for visiting -- it's always an honor to hear from an author!