Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Horses Say by Anna Clemence Mews and Julie Dicker

iconiconI got interested in learning more about horse communication after reading several stories that mentioned it in Angel Horses. Partly because of the connection I seemed to have with my horse (a rescue) and his mother (who was euthanized in front of me that day) from the very beginning, I decided to look up more information on the subject.

What Horses Say is one of several books on horse communication that I got out from the library. The book is written by Anna Clemence Mews and a horse communicator, Julie Dicker. There were some really fantastic stories about how horse communication has helped Julie's clients' horses, but I was a little disappointed in the lack of insight in how to actually communicate with horses.

If you read this book, I would suggest reading it primarily for the stories, and only secondarily for information about horse communication. It's more of a "See how great horse communication is" memoir than a how-to on how to do it. Even so, the stories are wonderful and the advice — to be patient and listen to your horses — is sound, whether you're "listening" telepathically or simply paying attention to body language!

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