Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

iconiconI'm sorry for how much I've neglected my blog lately. I finally finished reading The Lord of the Rings about a week and a half ago. It took a while because I have been very busy since we got back from our trip to Europe, trying to catch up on work and generate some income for my two weeks off.

This was my third time reading The Lord of the Rings, and I thoroughly enjoyed it — possibly more than the first two times I read it. The last time I'd read it was after the first movie came out, but before the second and the third. Michael and I watched the trilogy again shortly after I started reading the books, so the movies were fresh in my mind as I was reading.

Having both watched the movies and read the books several times, I think in this case having the movies fresh in my mind actually increased my enjoyment of the books. For one thing, I was able to pick up on several significant changes that they made for the movies, which I had not noticed in the past.

iconiconOther than that, there is not much to say, except to comment on the special copy I have: the Millennium Edition. I got these for Christmas from my parents back in 1999, and they have been a cherished part of my book collection ever since. According to a note in the beginning of the books, a lot of errors made by the publishers were corrected for this edition, and they also include Tolkien's changes and additions from the second edition. It is a beautiful edition, and while the recession has taken a toll on its value (at one time a nice set sold secondhand for around $300), I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a really special set of these classic books.