Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reasons to buy books in stores

I know I have Amazon ads on my blog, but for my own collection I like to buy books from an actual store. Here are a few reasons why.

1) I like to support independent bookstores. My favorite indie bookstore in Denver is Tattered Cover, which has three stores in the metro area.

2) I like to flip through a book before I buy it. Sure, some of Amazon's listings allow you to do that virtually, but you can't see everything and it's just not the same experience.

3) I am picky about the condition of my books. I can't stand ripped dustjackets, bent corners, or insecurely bound spines, so I usually go through every copy on th shelf to pick out the best one. You don't have that option when you buy books online, and in fact, I find they usually get damaged even worse in shipping.

4) I just like the experience better! A favorite pastime of mine and my husband's is to go to a bookstore, get a coffee from the cafe, and browse books or work on our computers. That's a fun evening out for us, and something we'd miss out on if we bought most of our books online.

So remember, when online bookstores start gearing up for the holiday seasons with tempting sales, there are still plenty of reasons to buy your books in actual stores!

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