Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Much for That by Lionel Shriver

iconiconThis is one of my "catch-up" books — one I read quite some time ago, before my lapse in blogging that occurred earlier this year. (Egads — was it really the end of March when I stopped blogging regularly?)

So Much for That, by Lionel Shriver, is about a man who has scrimped and saved his entire life, even sold the business he started from scratch, in order to come up with a huge nest egg for his retirement. His plan is to move to some exotic but third-world country where slightly less than a million bucks will easily last him the rest of his life. His wife has been dragging her heels, though, and no one thinks he'll ever really go.

However, right when he has finally made the decision to go, no matter what, his wife is diagnosed with a rare and devastating type of cancer. Health insurance only covers so much of the treatment, and the out-of-pocket expenses rocket through their nest egg in a shockingly short amount of time.

Meanwhile, his best friend is going through a health care nightmare of his own. Not only is his daughter sick, but he has... Well, I'll let you find out about that on your own.

It is, as one reviewer put it, somewhat opportunistic, as the book came out right when the health bill debate was going on. But although the book has some good points, it is also a good, compelling story about how far people will go — and how much they will pay — to save their loved ones.

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