Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles

iconiconSorry for the lack of posts this month.  I was reading a very long book, A Clash of Kings, which meant no new posts — and then last week, when I read several other books, I took an unscheduled vacation and didn't update any of my blogs.

I took a short break during A Clash of Kings to read this book, which was due back to the library.  When I first heard about Dear American Airlines — on NPR, I think it was — I have to admit, I thought it was nonfiction.  I thought it sounded like an interesting premise for a book.

It turned out to be a novel, but not one that interested me terribly much.  The rants about the situation (being stranded because of a canceled flight) were funny at first, but it got old pretty quickly.  I found the flashbacks into the character's past more interesting, but the character himself wasn't very likeable.  Thank heavens it was short.  I ended up skimming it just to read the flashbacks.

So, I have to say that this is one of those rare books that I would not recommend... to anyone.  I always feel awful about giving a bad review, but I really hated this book!

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