Monday, November 22, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly by Michelle Hauf

iconiconNot long ago, I blogged about reading a romance novel for the first time in years.  It wasn't a terrible experience, but I was reminded of how unimaginative some of the plots can be, how much I dislike some of the notions about love that romance novels tend to perpetuate, and (especially) how cheesy the sex can be.

That book, Beyond the Highland Mist, was practically Jane Austen compared to this one, though.  I downloaded Kiss Me Deadly for free from Barnes & Noble — as of this writing, it is still free, if you want to download it using the link below and check it out for yourself.  I only read about 20 pages into it, and it wasn't grabbing my interest at all — too trite and not all that well written.  Maybe someday I'll finish it and revise my review... but then again, maybe not.

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