Thursday, December 2, 2010

Library ebooks on my iPhone

Thanks to some awesome tech support, I can now read library ebooks on my iPhone with the Bluefire Reader.  They recently came up with an update that works with your Adobe authorization to allow you to open DRM-protected library ebooks on your iPhone.  I was still having some problems, though, because my first generation iPhone can't use the iTunes file sharing feature that the reader depends on.

So I wrote to tech support, and they gave me instructions for transferring files between a computer and my iPhone when they are on the same wireless network.  Now I just have to open the library ebook on my computer, transfer the file, and I can read the ebook on my iPhone.

My library has nearly 2,500 titles available, and I have found many that I was considering buying (in ebook form from Barnes & Noble), so I am in seventh heaven right now.  I know I could have gotten all these books from the library in the regular fashion, but being able to get them as ebooks for free feels like winning the lottery somehow.  I think part of it is not having to plan my reading list around when I can make it to the library.  Also, since not very many people read ebooks yet, there are very short waits for even the most popular ebooks.

Maybe I'm being a bit overly ambitious, because I've already downloaded five library ebooks (which I only have 2 weeks to read), put holds on at least twice that, and saved probably 50 or 60 to my wish list...  But there are so many good ones, I just can't help myself!  To search for ebooks and find a library near you that offers this service, check out Overdrive.

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