Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr

iconiconWell, I actually read this before the last book I reviewed, Alice I Have Been, but since I just got over being sick I temporarily forgot which order I'd read them in!

In any case, I had had a friend and fellow boarder at the barn where I board my horse recommending Nevada Barr's books to me for some time.  She likes to read a lot, just like I do, so she is always recommending books to read.

Track of the Cat is the first book in a series of mysteries featuring park ranger Anna Pigeon.  In this novel, a murder is disguised as a wildcat killing, but Anna Pigeon figures it out — and starts trying to track down the killer.  It's a great, classic mystery, except in a very different setting — a national park.

One interesting observation I had while reading this was the difference in technology between now and when the book was originally published in 1993.  The lack of cell phones, wireless Internet, etc. — all of the things a heroine would use to solve a mystery in today's day and age — were glaringly obvious.  It wasn't a bad thing, but I often found myself thinking, "Just use your cell phone!" followed by "Oh yeah..."

I remember seeing the Anna Pigeon mystery Ill Wind for sale at Mesa Verde — that one takes place there.  I'm looking forward to getting to that one, since I've actually been to Mesa Verde, but I'm going to read them in order, and that one is third!  Next is A Superior Death — I'll read that one as soon as I have a break in my (currently) rather demanding reading list!

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