Monday, January 10, 2011

Barnes & Noble's Nook pays off!

Barnes & Noble seemed to do really well over the holiday season.  Hubby and I go to our local B&N at least once or twice a week, sit in the cafe, and read, and we had definitely noticed how much more crowded it was than usual.  It's been years since I've seen really bad holiday shopping crowds, yet parking was at a premium for the last couple of weeks before Christmas.  Most interestingly, we noticed after Christmas that there were a lot of people there with brand-new Nooks, asking how to use them and playing around with them while drinking coffee in the cafe.

It seems our perceptions were accurate.  Barnes & Noble reported that their in-store holiday sales were 10 percent higher than last year's... and the website's sales were an astonishing 78 percent higher.  Wow!

Digital Divide Propels Barnes & Noble Past Rival

Apparently Borders, the rival mentioned in the headline, is doing very poorly in comparison.  Barnes & Noble attributes the difference to the fact that they developed a superior ebook reader.  I agree — from what I can tell, the Nook was drawing quite a bit of sales around Christmastime.

I am very glad to see this, for many reasons.  I was worried about Barnes & Noble not doing well last year.  I like going to the stores and sitting in the cafe while I read or work, and I especially love the ebooks.  I enjoy reading ebooks on my iPhone, but I have been tempted to also get the Nook, since I am reading so many ebooks now.

Hopefully they will continue to do well!

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