Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen

iconiconHow I found this book is kind of a funny story.  I've read books by Anna Godbersen before — in fact, you can find my reviews of her other books here:

The Luxe

But I had no idea that she'd written a book about the 1920s.

I've become quite interested in the 1920s since I planned a 1920s-themed wedding when my husband and I got married in 2007.  I've started really liking the clothes, the hairstyles, the antiques, and the ideas of the era.  It was a period where women were really pushing the envelope for the first time, deciding to wear, drink, and do what they wanted and to hell with what anyone thought about it.

Anyway, I recently had an idea for a novel I want to write, which will be set in the 1920s.  As part of my research for the setting, I was browsing Barnes & Noble for books about the 1920s, and I came across this one.  Like I said, I've read all of Anna Godbersen's other books, but I hadn't known she'd started a new series about the 1920s.

Of course, once I found it I had to read it.  I put a hold on it with my library, but ended up getting it as an ebook through OverDrive.  Yay!  (I've been reading more and more ebooks lately, and the more I read them the more I prefer that format.)

The story lacks some of the more sinister plotting and planning that happens between the young ladies of the Luxe Series, but is still really quite good.  Cordelia Grey and her friend Letty Larkspur run away from home and go to New York City in 1929, determined to make a better life for themselves than hanging around their small Midwestern town.  Cordelia wants to find her father, and Letty is determined to become a star.  Along the way we meet Astrid, a New Yorker who is every bit the 1920s girl that Cordelia and Letty want to be.

Of course, neither Cordelia or Letty understand their new world, and both of them make mistakes that jeopardize the fragile new happiness they have both found.  Astrid has problems of her own, and in some ways her decision may be just as foolish as her new friends' mistakes!  Although I can't find anything yet about whether this is going to be the first book in a series, it certainly seems like there is plenty of room for a sequel!  Hopefully there will be, as I loved this book just as much as Godbersen's Luxe Series!

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