Saturday, January 29, 2011

Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr

iconiconThose of you who read my other blogs, or who read this blog a lot, know that I own a horse and like to read about horses.  That was initially what drew me to Robyn Carr's Promise Canyon — I was browsing the new ebooks category on Barnes & Noble's website, and saw the horses on the cover.

I was a bit bored with the book, though.  Maybe part of it was that I only recently read my first romance novel since high school — I'm used to more, um, intelligent reading materials these days.  But I don't think that's all of it — I actually really liked the story between the hero and the heroine, and for the most part I really liked all the horse stuff.  My issues were with the parts of the book that weren't about either horses or the, er, relationship.

This author seems to have written a whole bunch of romance novels about a little rural town, and about a third of this book had to do with the goings-on of the town and the people in it.  Of course, since there are already a number of novels about the town, practically everyone is paired off, either just married, getting married, or with small children.  Sigh. 

All in all, it was a pretty good book, for a romance novel — just not my thing.  Since I haven't read the other books, I didn't care much about the updates on all the town members.  But for someone who has already read Carr's other books and likes this kind of thing, it's a well-written book and will probably not disappoint.

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