Friday, February 18, 2011

The New Publicity Kit by Jeanette Smith

The review that follows is one of the posts from Reading 4 Writers, my old blog for reviewing writing-related books. Since I rarely ever updated that blog, I decided to shut it down, and I am gradually adding some of the reviews to Livre du Jour.

iconiconThe New Publicity Kit: A Complete Guide for Entrepreneurs, Samll Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations, by Jeanette Smith, is a little outdated (1995) but still contains some pretty good starter information. In particular, the book has several chapters to help first-timers write press releases in newstory and feature formats. The book also explains press kits and other forms of free or low-cost publicity available for do-it-yourselfers.

There are two things to remember when reading this book:

1) The book is geared toward the small business owner,

2) The internet technology mentioned in the book is so far outdated, it's practically from another world; these days, so much more news is on the Web that any writer of publicity materials will probably be writing directly for an online audience.

There is an awful lot of information for beginners in this book, such as how to format manuscripts and what a press release consists of, but it would probably be helpful for a writer (or, as the book was intended for, an entrepreneur) who wants a little guidance writing publicity materials for the first time.

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