Sunday, February 13, 2011

Self-published success stories for ebook authors

A commenter on the B&N forums mentioned that one of B&N's PubIt! authors, Amanda Hocking, was written up in USA Today:

Authors catch fire with self-published e-books

When I got a B&N gift card for Christmas, I bought a couple of her ebooks — the first ones of two different series, I believe, so they were 99 cents each.  They are vampire and dark fantasy books, and a lot of people on the forum rave about them, so I figured I'd try them out.  Haven't gotten to 'em yet, but I'm thinking I may need to soon:

By May she was selling hundreds; by June, thousands. She sold 164,000 books in 2010. Most were low-priced (99 cents to $2.99) digital downloads.

More astounding: This January she sold more than 450,000 copies of her nine titles. More than 99% were e-books.

I'm amazed that one author's self-published books are generating so many sales, even on great sites such as  Wow!  I think I will bump one of her books up my reading list, to see if I'll be buying the next ones in the series — and contributing to her February sales...

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