Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Men in Kilts by Katie MacAlister

iconiconI'm not sure how to best classify Men in Kilts, but my library seems to think it's romance (chick lit would be my other guess), so that's what I'll go with.  It's not like any romance novel I've ever read, though — it's told in first person, for one thing, and the couple gets together in the first 30 pages, for another.

I read this on my horseback riding instructor's recommendation.  She said it was hilarious, and — well, hilarious might actually be an understatement.  It's narrated by the main female character, Kathie, who is a mystery author.  She goes to England for a conference, and meets a (as she puts it) "dishy Scotsman" while she's there.  Three nights later, they're in bed together; and by the time the conference ends, they've made plans for her to stay with him in Scotland on his sheep farm.

I think if you took away all Kathie's commentary as the narrator, and all the hilarious predicaments she manages to get herself into, the story would only be ho-hum, but her voice really makes it stand out.  Let's see, there's the time she goes shopping for pants, which in British English means men's underwear, and of course a sheltered American author adapting to life on a sheep farm in the Highlands is filled with lots of humorous moments.  And then you have the "hen party" (bachelorette party), and the fact that every time one of her American relatives meets him, they always ask, "Where's his kilt?"  And... Well, you get the point.

Trust me on this — it's beyond amusing.  It's laugh-out-loud kind of stuff.  If you want to read something fun that makes you laugh, this is your book!

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