Saturday, March 26, 2011

My very own Nook!

iconiconBig news! I've decided that as much as I like the ebook experience, it's time to upgrade to the real deal: an ebook reader.  My iPhone works well, but with all of Apple's threats and the limited battery life that I get reading on my phone, I've decided that having a dedicated reader is my goal.

And of course I chose the Nook!  Among the things I like about it is the fact that it allows for much more flexibility with format, so that I can sideload Adobe Digital Editions DRM books such as library ebooks.

Barnes & Noble sells refurbished Nooks for a reduced price — click on the image for more information.  I'll probably be getting the basic model, because it's supposedly a little lighter and because I don't anticipate needing to download books when I don't have a wifi connection.  All I have to do is find a Starbucks, anyways, right?

I should be getting my Nook next month for my birthday.  I'm so excited!

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