Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Nook update and switching ebook reader apps

After my concerns regarding the Apple vs. ebook stores war, I have been giving a lot of thought to what ebook reader app I use for most of my reading.  I've been using Bluefire quite a bit for reading library ebooks, and I recently discovered that I can use it to read Barnes & Noble ebooks as well — Bluefire has the ability to read B&N's encryption.  I had to put in my account name and credit card number the first time I ever opened an encrypted B&N ebook, but it was just the one time — the app seems to remember that information for future downloads.

I made the decision to start using Bluefire for Barnes & Noble ebooks a few nights ago, after finishing Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition.  I've been reading a lot of library ebooks, so that was the first time I'd used the Nook app in a while, and I was annoyed with how many problems I had with it.  Not only was I not able to lock the orientation, but there were delays sometimes in bringing up the next page, and it also kept crashing on me.

Ironically, the day after I uploaded a bunch of my ebooks into Bluefire, the Nook app came out with an update: Now Nook for iPhone has an orientation lock.  This is good news, but it still doesn't resolve how slow the Nook app sometimes is.  I haven't read an entire book in it yet to see if crashing is still a problem.  Ironically, it does seem like they removed a feature that I liked about the Nook app — when you open the app, it no longer opens directly into the ebook you were reading last, but stops at the library menu.

Downloading the ebooks onto my computer and uploading them into Bluefire is a lot of extra work, which I wouldn't have to go through if I used the Nook app, but I like being able to turn pages without having to wait for the next one to appear.  Bluefire also rarely crashes, and opens much more quickly than Nook.  I think I'll just have to compensate by making sure I upload a wider selection of books at a time, rather than just the one I plan on reading next, so that I always have a choice if I feel like changing my mind.

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