Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who do I need to piss off to get some readers?

The case of Big Al's Books and Pals versus Jacquiline Howett has been making the rounds on the Internet lately.  If you haven't heard about it, basically a book review blogger gave a self-published book a bad review because of the many errors, and the author threw a public tantrum in the comments.  She started out insisting that he read the wrong copy (why would an author even publish an unedited or unformatted copy?) and demanding that he take down the review, and ended by telling commenters she didn't like to "F--- off."

It doesn't seem to have hurt the blogger at all, though.  He, of course, did not take down the review, and has more than 700 followers.  Last night, when I first visited the blog, he had a mere 500, so I'm fairly certain that the vast majority are a result of this drama.

Damn...  Who do I need to piss off to get that kind of readership?

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