Sunday, April 24, 2011

Green Living for Dummies Mini Edition

iconiconI blogged about several green living ebooks for Earth Day, but I thought I should revisit the ebooks and write a little more about each one.

Green Living for Dummies Mini Edition was only about 40 pages long, just the first few chapters of the full-length book, which is why it only cost a dollar.  It had some good information in it, though, everything from ways to save energy around the house to a section about organic foods.

The best part of the book, and the part that made the dollar price tag worth it, was the section on green household cleaners.  There were a number of really useful suggestions on how you can use everyday household staples, such as white vinegar and baking soda, to clean your home.  There are some really great suggestions in there — information you could get off the Internet if you hunted for it, true, but for a buck you don't have to hunt!

I'm interested to see how the Smashwords freebie I also recommended on Earth Day will compare to this one.  Stay tuned.

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