Sunday, April 3, 2011

I love my Nook!

My Nook came on Thursday, and I've had a great time playing with it ever since.  I've downloaded and shelved perhaps half of my Barnes & Noble ebooks — I have acquired more than 400, so it's taking a while to organize them all — and I've transferred a few library ebooks over too.  I've also ordered a micro SDHD card to expand the memory, and I'm waiting for that to arrive before sideloading my many other ebooks.  (I have about 200 more to sideload once the card comes.)

I made two other Nook-related purchases.  One was a neoprene sleeve to carry it in — Barnes & Noble sells many discontinued Nook accessories for discounted prices on eBay.  And because I want to be able to carry it with me most of the time, I also bought a new purse that's a little roomier.  I've never been a fan of big purses, so I tend to get them only as big as they have to be to carry my stuff — if I weren't diabetic and didn't have all that gear to carry with me, I don't know if I'd even carry one at all.  But now that I have something so important to carry with me, I went shopping and found a cute purse with enough room in it to stash my Nook.

I linked to some other reviews of the Nook recently — check out Nook anticipation and Nook vs. Kindle — but once I get a little more experience with using it, I plan on writing my own review.  For now, suffice it to say that I absolutely love it!

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