Monday, May 30, 2011

My Nook has a new look!

Since the new Nook is coming out soon, Barnes & Noble has accessories for the original Nook on sale.  Some of the sales are quite generous: Colored back covers, for instance, are 75 percent off in the store, which makes them just $4.74 each.

I've been tempted by the back covers for quite a while, so when we were at B&N on Friday, I succumbed to the temptation and bought one in marine.  While I was looking at the shelf, I also happened to see a cover I hadn't seen before, one I like much more than the plain black ones that are common in the store.  That was 50 percent off, so I got it for about $20.

You can't see the matching back cover in the picture, but here is my Nook's new look.  I do have a thing for blue:

My Nook in its new cover

My Nook in its new cover

I've been reluctant to get a book-style cover in the past, because it seemed like too much to deal with while reading.  The front flap does fold around nicely for one-handed reading, though.  The only other complaint I have is that it takes up more room in my purse than the Nook in just a neoprene sleeve.

My Nook in its new cover

I went back two days later and bought another back cover in my second color choice, grapefruit.  Maybe they'll eventually put out a cover that will match that one too.  It'll be fun to have a couple of different colors and covers to rotate between!

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