Saturday, May 28, 2011

Testimony by Anita Shreve

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I discovered Anita Shreve years ago, back when The Pilot's Wife was popular.  I loved that book and Sea Glass, which I read a long time ago, but I've also read some books of hers that I didn't like all that much, such as A Wedding in December.

When I first started reading Testimony, I wasn't all that excited about it.  It starts out with the sex tape right away, and I know that's meant to draw you in, but at that point you don't care enough about the characters to be concerned about the crisis.  It also doesn't help that at first, the alternating point of view — each chapter is told from a different character's point of view, with a distinctly different "voice" for each — is a little confusing and frustrating.

I am ashamed to admit that I thought of not finishing the book, but I've been doing that a little too often lately, so I made myself stick with it.  I'm glad I did, too, because before I knew it I was 50 pages into the book, and I was hooked.  Maybe about halfway through, I started suspecting one of the plot twists that occurred toward the end of the book, but it was still pretty suspenseful — enough that every time a new chapter and a new POV came up, I'd say to myself, "One more chapter," and in that fashion kept reading until I'd finished the book.

Essentially, the book wasn't so much about what happened, as how it impacted the lives of kids, teachers, and parents, people who weren't even involved in the tape itself, like ripples in a pond spreading out from where a stone's been thrown.  Each POV showed how the event affected someone else, how they felt about it, and the long-lasting repercussions to their lives.  Not one of Anita Shreve's best, in my opinion, but still a fascinating and compelling novel.

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