Monday, June 6, 2011

Defiance by Lili St. Crow

iconiconDefiance is the fourth book in the YA series that starts with Strange Angels.  I read the first three books — Strange Angels, Betrayals, and Jealousy — over the winter, and then had to wait until Defiance came out just a couple of months ago.

It seems like there is probably yet another book coming, as Dru and her friends are — once again — in a bit of a predicament, but it's not quite as bad as the cliffhanger ending of the third book.  In the third book, Dru's best friend and possible love interest, Graves, is kidnapped by her biggest enemy, and for much of the fourth book she doesn't know where he is.

Dru is finally learning to fight, in preparation for when her vampire side "blooms."  She is a rare female half-vampire, toxic to full-blooded vamps when fully bloomed, and therefore one of the best weapons in the fight against them.  Unfortunately, the biggest, baddest vamp ever, who was responsible for the deaths of both her parents, is trying to kill her — and he's the one who's got Graves.  At the same time, Dru is — as usual — facing a lot of resistance from those who are supposed to be on her side, forcing her to revisit the question: Who can she really trust?

Not many.

I feel like many elements in the story are coming to a head in this book, and the author has set it up for some big things to happen in the next book.  (Oh, I hope I'm right, and there will be another book!)  I'm beginning to really like a couple of the characters as they develop, especially Ash, the Broken werwulf who has become fiercely loyal to her.  I'm interested to see how his character will continue to develop in the next book!

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