Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Borders is closing!

I saw a rather unexpected announcement this morning on Books on the Knob: Borders is closing all stores.  I guess their Chapter 11 bankruptcy only held off the inevitable for a few more months.

It won't make a huge difference to me, since the only Borders in my immediate area, located in the mall just across the road from my favorite Barnes & Noble, closed when they filed Chapter 11 earlier this year.  I think there are some other stores located in my general area, though.  If I weren't so set on reading ebooks for the rest of my life, I'd visit and see if I could get some good deals on books.

Books on the Knob reminds us that if you have bought any ebooks from Borders, make sure you back them up on your computer.  There are basic instructions in the blog post I linked to up above.  I know losing your library if the bookseller goes out of business is one of people's major fears about ebooks — but don't worry, you still get to keep them, as long as you remember to back up the file!

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