Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More on Borders

NPR did a story on Borders, and what the chain's closing will mean for us.  For authors, it'll mean that print runs will be smaller, since a large percentage of copies of each book were sent to Borders — and now those copies don't need to be printed.  And for those who work in the publishing industry, it'll mean fewer jobs, since publishers had personnel dedicated to working with Borders — and they'll no longer be needed.

There's also been talk about how this will affect consumers.  The NPR article mentions that some of the major publishers invested in Borders when they were struggling, and although this article doesn't say it, a blog post I linked to yesterday when I announced that Borders is closing theorized that we might see prices rise as publishers try to recoup their losses.  And of course, as both the article and blog post point out, there will be fewer bookstores from which to buy books.

So, I'm curious.  Does Borders closing all their stores affect you?  And if so, how?

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