Friday, July 22, 2011

A new resource for cheap ebooks

For those of you who prefer the ebook experience, or just like the good deals to be had if you are willing to look, there is a new website worth checking out:  I've been following these guys on Facebook for a while, and they come up with some good deals, both free and cheap.  It's worth taking a look and maybe adding them to the blogs you follow.

iconHere's a great deal that I found on their site just this morning: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for just $0.99. We were just talking about this book last night at the fantasy/sci-fi book club I've recently started attending.  I guess they'd read it earlier in the book club, and really liked it.  I'd never been terribly interested before, but with so many positive recommendations, I started thinking I'd check it out.  At this price, I guess I'll be reading it sooner than I thought!

And then, while looking up the listing in order to create an image link for the first book, I realized that right now all three ebooks in the trilogy are 99 cents each.  Wow!  Usually the first book in a series gets discounted as a way to promote the series, but all three?  That's unheard of... and probably won't last long!  Here are all the links — grab them while you can!


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