Sunday, July 10, 2011

A word about commenting on Livre du Jour

I don't know why exactly, but Livre du Jour receives a lot of spam comments, much more than any of my other blogs.  Often I receive fake comments, usually just a generic message and sometimes written in poor English, which I suspect are from spammers trolling for blogs that might approve spammy comments.  I have my blog set so that I have to approve all comments, so usually I just mark the comments as spam and delete them without posting.

The other day, however, I approved one that seemed possibly legitimate.  I decided to respond and make it obvious in my response that I had read the anonymous comment, hoping that would dissuade the commenter if it was a spammer.  Unfortunately, I have since been inundated with spam comments on that particular post, receiving at least one or two of them a day.

It's not too much trouble to mark each comment as spam as they come in, but it is annoying.  I suspect the spammer (or spammers) didn't even read my response to their comment, probably just searched and saw that I approved their comment in the first place, so this may be a waste of breath (or typing).  However, I wanted to reiterate to my readers that although I love comments and I try to approve them quickly, I do screen out all spammy or suspicious comments.  If your comment makes it sound like you haven't even read the post you are commenting on, I probably won't approve it, even if it doesn't contain a link.  This incident makes it clear why I have to be so careful.

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