Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Barnes & Noble customer service review

Today I talked to Barnes & Noble's customer service for digital support about the free ebooks I was charged for.  I have some thoughts on the experience that I thought I'd share.

First of all, if you have anything you need help with that is time sensitive, DO NOT USE EMAIL.  There is an email option on the customer support page, but it's pretty much worthless.  I waited 48 hours and didn't get any response at all, so I finally called.  I've also emailed them before about issues that are not time sensitive, and I seem to remember that it took days or longer (weeks?) to get a response back from them.

The phone call didn't actually take that long.  My wait wasn't very long, but I did have to hold while the rep checked every one of the six books to make sure it was, in fact, supposed to be free.  (Would anyone bother to lie about that, when it's so easily verified?)  After all that, he said that he'd have to remove the ebooks from my account, and I'd have to "buy" them all over again (this time, hopefully, for free).  Ugh, what a hassle.  I wish they could refund the money without having to make me do that!

My only complaints, though, have to do with the rep who was helping me, and they are pretty minor.  One, his accent was better than most, but he was still a bit hard to understand sometimes, and clearly had a hard time figuring out how to say what he wanted to say.  It was bearable, though, and like I said, he was easier to understand than most outsourced customer service reps.  But I did get annoyed when he'd cut me off before I finished what I was saying, usually with, "Yes, thank you, ma'am."  Often I was trying to re-explain something based on a misunderstanding that was due to him being a little hard to understand, but still, being interrupted with such regularity is a bit frustrating.

All in all, though, the call went smoothly, and it seems like there won't be any problems with the refunds.  I'm glad!

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