Friday, August 19, 2011

A Man to Call My Own by Johanna Lindsey

iconI read A Man to Call My Own in-store on my Nook.  It took me a while to finish it, for a variety of reasons — mainly because there were several times when we went to Barnes & Noble that I had something else I wanted to read.  Reading a romance novel in fits and spurts is also not as enjoyable as reading it straight through (or at least with only short interruptions); they are designed to be fast reads, I think, so long interruptions take something away from the experience.

It wasn't a bad book, though, and I enjoyed it — so I think I would have even more so had I read it at home, and finished it in a couple of days, as is my habit.  It was classic Johanna Lindsey: some fighting between the hero and heroine, and lots of sticky situations that make you cringe for the characters.  Lindsey loves to take what seems like an impossible situation, and make it all turn out all right.

I'm not sure she's ever ridden a horse, though.  There was one part where the hero was giving the heroine a riding lesson, and told her that once you get on it's easy to stay on.  Uh-huh.  If she's ever really ridden, it wasn't enough to discover how difficult riding can be.  Riding is one of those sports where the more you know, the harder it gets.  I've fallen off more than a dozen times, learning to ride again as an adult, and I can tell you, it's HARD to stay on.  Maybe it's easy enough at a sedate walk, but if any little thing goes wrong, you'd better watch out!

In any case, here's another example where the read in-store feature has saved me money on a book I wouldn't want to own permanently.  I'm using read in-store to read books that my library doesn't have and I don't particularly want to spend money on or own, but do want to read, and so far it's working out really well for me!

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