Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new Jane Eyre movie available for preorder on DVD

iconiconYou may remember me being excited about the new Jane Eyre movie when it was coming out in the spring.  I never blogged about it, but I did go see the movie.  It was very well done, though they changed and simplified the plot in places, as you can imagine they would have to in order to whittle it down into a 2-hour movie!

Anyway, the movie is due out on DVD this month, August 16th.  You can pre-order it from Barnes & Noble by clicking on the image link.  They also have a special going right now where you can get $5 back in the form of an egift card if you pre-order.  Not a bad deal, as it makes it only about $15 for the DVD ($21 for the Blu-Ray), and members of course get free shipping!

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