Saturday, August 6, 2011

Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase

iconiconI blogged a couple of days ago about Strange Neighbors, which is currently free from Sourcebooks.  Surprisingly, though the sale has been going on for a little while, the ebook hasn't yet gone up to full price — but I expect it to any day now.

I read the book right away because I wanted to decide whether to buy the sequel, The Werewolf Upstairsicon, which is currently $2.99 for the ebook (I believe that's also a sale price).  The sales are probably intended to promote the third book in the series, The Vampire Next Dooricon, which just came out beginning of the month.

Strange Neighbors is kind of like the series Friends, but with a bunch of paranormals living in the building instead of regular people.  Between the shapeshifters, the witches, the vampire in the basement, and the ghost haunting his old apartment, there is a lot going on in this building!  Merry has moved out of her parents' house thinking it was time she got out into the real world, but she got a lot more than she bargained for when she chose this building as her new home!

I struggled a bit on what to call it, but ultimately decided that the explicit and rather frequent sex scenes probably designated it as romance.  (Chick lit was my second choice.)  So just as a warning, if you decide to read this...  It's yummy, but it's very very naughty!

Ultimately, however, I decided not to buy the second book.  Although Strange Neighbors was fun and entertaining, the tongue-in-cheek tone came across as a bit awkward to me at times.  It was still good, especially for a free ebook, and if my reading list weren't so long I might go for the next one... But I have so much else to read right now that I just couldn't justify spending three bucks on a book that might not be compelling enough for me to get to it anytime soon!

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