Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Wake of Forgiveness by Bruce Machart

iconiconI can't believe it — I completely forgot to blog about this book!  This actually came between The Titan's Curse and Forever... for the short time it lasted.

Have you ever started a book and realized within the first 30 pages or so that you didn't like it?  That's what happened with this book.  I started reading it, and just could not get interested.  I thought I'd like it — I mean, it's got horses in it — but the way it was written, I just couldn't care about the characters.  I felt like I was watching them through a telescope, instead of feeling like I was there in the story, the way I like to.  I gave up after about 30 pages or so.

I always hate giving purely negative reviews, especially when I didn't finish the book, but life is simply too short to spend it on books I don't enjoy!  Especially when I have hundreds more to read that I most likely will enjoy.

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