Thursday, August 11, 2011

YA recommendations

NPR ran a story recently with a list of recommendations of new YA books.  The theme of the article, as you'll see, is teen books that will appeal to people of any age.  Since I'm a 31-year-old who loves YA and reads it compulsively, I have to agree that the best teen novels are the ones that can transcend the age group it's initially written for.

Hooray for YA: Teen Novels for Readers of All Ages

Some of these look pretty good — in fact, Lauren Oliver's Deliriumicon is next up on my reading list.  I loved her last book, Before I Fall, and though this one looks dramatically different — a futuristic dystopia instead of... how would you describe Before I Fall? — I'm quite excited to read it.

What about you?  Any books on this list that you might be interested in?

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