Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flapper by Joshua Zeitz

iconiconI started this book two months ago, reading it as part of my research for the novel I'm working on, but I ended up getting distracted.  For weeks I didn't touch it — or my novel, for that matter.  Finally, after some work on my novel this week renewed my interest, I finished the last half of the book in a couple of days.

This is the second book on the 1920s that I read as research for my novel — the first was Anything Goes by Lucy Moore.  They were very similar books, but also rather different.  For example, Flapper focused more on how the image of the flapper was created and became so influential, with chapters on Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, the role of advertisers and artists, and movie stars such as Connie Moore, Clara Bow, and Louise Brooks.  Anything Goes talked a bit about those things, but with a more general focus on the 1920s, including information about Prohibition and the American economy.

I would highly recommend both books for anyone researching the 1920s.  They are both very well written, very engaging, with well-organized chapters.  Both books contributed lots of good information for my novel's setting!

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