Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gossamer by Lois Lowry

iconiconLois Lowry's The Giver is one of my all-time favorite YA books, so when I saw that my library had acquired the ebook of Gossamer, I decided to check it out.  It's a short book, only 88 pages on my Nook, but it's a very sweet, heartwarming story.

The book is about fairies, for lack of a better word, who give people dreams.  Littlest is only a child, and is just learning to give dreams for the first time.  She is assigned to a house with a lonely old woman and her dog.  When the old woman fosters a troubled 8-year-old boy, it's up to Littlest to combat the sinisteeds, who bring nightmares, by making him stronger with good dreams.

The description of the book says this is a good book for younger readers who aren't yet ready for The Giver, but I disagree.  I think it's a great book for all ages.  Older readers and adults will get through it more quickly, obviously, but I think they'll get as much out of it as younger readers (if not more, because there are a lot of details that I don't think younger readers will pick up on).

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