Sunday, September 11, 2011

Incognito by Gregory Murphy

iconiconI mentioned in my last review that I was feeling a little tired of romance novels, which I'd been reading a lot of lately — partly from my mom's influence, since I checked out several ebooks for her from the library, and decided to read them myself.

Incognito — a historical novel I checked out for myself — provided a much-needed break from all the intense, angsty romance.  While there was still an underlying theme of romance, it wasn't the main point of the story.  In the novel, a lawyer assigned to help a wealthy widow take a small, seemingly insignificant piece of property away from a young woman becomes interested in the real story of who she is, and why the widow is so obsessed with taking her property.  At the same time, he is struggling with the truth of his own life: his loveless marriage, his strained relationship with his father, and the mystery of his half-buried memories of his mother, who died when he was just a child.

After reading all that romance, the style was astonishingly succinct, the lack of passion almost surprising — but it was a lovely historical novel, suspenseful and fast-moving.  As my mom (who read it too) pointed out, not a single chapter is wasted — there is always something happening in each one.  If you like historical fiction and novels about unraveling the mysteries of a character's past, this is one you will enjoy!

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