Friday, October 28, 2011

Devil's Own by Veronica Wolff

iconiconA little over a month ago, I read Devil's Highlander, the first in a series of romance novels by Veronica Wolff.  Each of the books is about a different sibling in the MacAlphin family (because your story is over once you find your true love, didn't you know?).

The first book was about Cormac, whose twin was kidnapped into slavery when they were kids.  There's lots of angst in that book, because Cormac and Marjorie both blamed themselves for what happened, and therefore couldn't possibly be deserving of love... right?

Despite the angst in the first novel, I thought the second one, about the kidnapped brother, looked like a good read.  I mean, to survive slavery, escape, and plot his revenge, Aidan would have to be a stronger sort, right?

Nope.  More angst.

The second book, like the first, was a fun, diversionary read.  But it's probably the last one by this author that I'll pick up — I like characters that are stronger and more sure of themselves.  Angst doesn't make a very good plot conflict, in my opinion, unless of course your intended audience are teenagers.  Which, I don't know, maybe romance really does target?

So, just like Devil's Highlander, Devil's Own has burned me out on romance for the time being.  Maybe in another few books I'll try again...

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