Monday, November 7, 2011

New Nook!

Barnes & Noble announced their new Nook Tablet today — basically the Nook Color with some substantial improvements.  The new Tablet has more tablet capabilities, instead of being held hostage by the B&N software.  It has things like Netflix, for streaming media, and it's also lighter and has an improved battery life.  All this for $249, same price as the Nook Color used to be!

Sounds like a great deal, right?  I'm excited, but I'm also excited about what this means for the prices on their other devices.  The Nook Simple Touch is now $99, down from $139, and the Nook Color is $199, instead of $249.  If you don't need the improved capabilities of the Nook Tablet, you can take advantage of this opportunity to get one of the other ebook readers for a good price!

In other news, Barnes & Noble is also rolling out an update for the Nook Simple Touch.  I'm hoping this will fix the freezing problem it was having — people were having problems with it freezing while they were swiping to turn the pages, as well as some other problems that may or may not be related — as I might eventually get one if that problem has been resolved.  I like the small size, though I do rather prefer a few things about my Nook 1st Edition — larger internal memory, removable back cover, and color touch screen among them!

It'll be interesting to see how the Nook Tablet does when it's released.  Although it's pre-order only right now, it'll be available on November 17th — a mere week and a half, and in plenty of time for the holidays!

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