Monday, November 14, 2011

Theories on Jane Austen's demise

I read this interesting article today:

Did Jane Austen die of arsenic poisoning?

I had no idea that it used to be common to put arsenic in medicine.  What a scary thought!

How famous authors died always seems to be of capital interest.  The younger two Bronte sisters died of consumption, which seems to have been fairly common back then, and Charlotte Bronte apparently died of complications during pregnancy (though that was such a delicate — read: avoided — subject in the Victorian era that it's hard to know the entire truth of what caused her death).

The possibility of Jane Austen having died from arsenic in her medicine is very interesting, though of course very tragic.

Which reminds me — I did intend to read some of her books this year.  I will have to get to at least one soon — the year is almost over!

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