Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angry Birds Day

Barnes&Noble.comApparently, there is such thing as Angry Birds Day.  It's this Sunday, December 11th, the second anniversary of the game's release.  Here's an interesting article in the New York Times from last year's Angry Birds Day, which talks about the game's popularity as of one year ago.  It certainly hasn't changed much in the past year!

I can remember when Angry Birds first made it to the Nook Color — it was quite exciting, and was announced on the Barnes & Noble and Nook Facebook pages.  People had been rooting their Nooks so that they could use apps like Angry Birds that weren't available in the Nook's app store.

I have all the Angry Birds versions (original, Seasons, and Rio) on my iPhone, although I don't play them as much anymore — I did play them some when I first got them, but I think the kids I babysit for played them more than I did.  They are very addicting games, and I don't have enough time to sink into playing them, so I just never get around to playing all that much.

What about you?  Do you play Angry Birds, and if so, what do you play it on?  I am (hopefully) getting a Nook Tablet for Christmas, and I am debating on whether I want to download Angry Birds onto it or not!

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