Monday, December 26, 2011

The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

iconiconThe December selection for the sci-fi/fantasy book club hubby and I belong to was Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon, a fairy tale-like fantasy novel about an old king, two princes, and the villain who schemed to overthrow (or at least cause a lot of misery and chaos in) the kingdom.

This was only the third Stephen King book I'd ever read, and that's only if you count On Writing.  The only other fiction book of his I'd ever read was Dolores Claiborne, which I read in high school and pretty much hated.

So reading another Stephen King novel was kind of a big deal for me.  I'd heard from other Stephen King fans that as much as they liked his other books, they disliked this one, so I had hopes that maybe I'd really love it — seeing as how I don't seem to like his "normal" books.  But I can't say I loved this one — the fairy tale-style narration annoyed me at time, especially in the beginning, as far as I can tell all the chapter divisions that Dolores Claiborne lacked wound up in this book instead, because some of the chapter are only a few paragraphs or even just a few lines long.

It wasn't a bad story — I liked the fairy tale, fantasy approach.  But I can't say I loved it.

Supposedly the villain in this book is in some of Stephen King's other novels, so my book club has put one of his related books on the reading list for 2012.  (I can't remember right now which one.)  We'll see if I ever find a Stephen King novel I really love!

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