Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!

I received my Christmas present early last night: the new Nook Tablet.  My husband was worried that if we waited too long, it would sell out in the Christmas rush, and of course I have to play with it so that if there is something wrong or I don't like it, we can still return it within the 14-day period.

(The truth is, Michael and I don't make a big to-do over presents.  I'll be taking him on a shopping spree for some bike gear, most likely before Christmas, so neither of us will be opening presents on Christmas Day.  And that doesn't bother us at all.)

So far, I LOVE the tablet.  My mom has the Nook Color, so I don't know whether it's really a lot faster than that one or not, though I've heard it is.  But it's light years faster than the very first Nook, which I have.  Plus, navigation is SO much easier with a single, integrated screen.  I love the color touchscreen on my N1E, but this one is 100 times simpler.

I especially like the large internal memory — even my N1E, which has more memory than the Nook Simple Touch, was full (and that was with many of my ebooks in archive — and all my sideloaded books on a memory card!).  The tablet, on the other hand, has plenty of memory — I suppose I will probably still fill it up with books eventually, but it should be sufficient memory to keep me happy for a while, especially since I have no intentions of downloading movies or music.  I may stream movies via Netflix from time to time, but that'll be about it.

I did already try out a movie on Netflix, just to see how it looked on the tablet, and the clarity of the picture is impressive, especially considering it was streaming wirelessly.  Not once did it hang up while the video buffered!  It will be a good device for watching things or browsing the Internet on occasion, though those are certainly not going to be my primary uses for it!

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