Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nook vs. Kindle

The Nook seems to be gaining ground against the Kindle, the better-known e-reader and tablet.  I ran across several articles while browsing the Nook forums that struck me as interesting.

A Kindle Swipes Fine, but Still Hooked on a Nook

Although this article is really about the Nook Simple Touch Reader versus Kindle's equivalent, it's interesting because of the things that the writer prefers about the Nook:

  • Ad-free (to get a comparably-priced Kindle, you have to put up with ads)
  • Easier to hold
  • Physical page-turning buttons so you don't have to swipe (something I am indeed missing on my Nook Tablet)

The writer does mention the Kindle Lending Library, as well as the convenience of being able to download library ebooks wirelessly (because they are delivered via Amazon, not OverDrive).  However, it sounds like the Nook will start offering wireless downloading of library books in the coming months.

The verdict:

The Kindle Touch is a huge improvement on Amazon's last Kindle, but Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch maintains its lead in this category.

I also found a couple of articles about Amazon's and Barnes & Noble's respective tablets, but I'll address those in another post, still to come!

In the meantime, yay Nook!

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