Friday, December 16, 2011

NPR's 5 top sci-fi/fantasy picks for 2011

One more article link, and then I swear I'll get back to reviewing books!  I've been reading two at once, which has made it difficult to finish either one in my normal time frame.

NPR published a number of stories yesterday with the top books of 2011.  The list of the best novels didn't really catch my fancy (sometimes NPR's recommendations are real duds), but the list of 2011's top sci-fi/fantasy books really resonated with me.

Of course, George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons is at the top of the list, which isn't surprising given how popular the series is (though I know people who would have voted his book off the list just out of anger that he takes so long to bring out each book).  The next two books — The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and Rule 34 — I don't recognize, but they look interesting, especially Rule 34.  (The other I will probably avoid just because the title is so ridiculously long — who wants to type that out several times in a review?)

Next on the list is a title my husband will appreciate: The Heroes, by Joe Abercrombie.  I don't think he's read this one yet, but he really like Abercrombie's books, and has been a fan since the author's work first started trickling over to the U.S.

The final title on the list, however, is one I can really appreciate: Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  I read this book over the summer and absolutely loved it.  Since then, I've seen it make several "top picks" type lists, including a list of top YA titles for all ages.  This is an amazing book, and if it were me I would have put it at the top of this list, despite George R.R. Martin's popularity!

I am curious: Have you read any of the titles on this list, and do you agree with the lineup?  Are there any books you think should have been included?

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