Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E-reader and tablet ownership takes off

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately!  I've actually been reading quite a bit — I've just been too busy to write about what I've read — so I have lots of catching up to do.  But first, I want to share an article I read just the other day, about how popular tablets and e-readers have become.

Ownership of tablets, e-readers almost doubles in one month

The number of people who have these devices went up from 10 percent in December, to 19 percent in January.  The deceptive "1" at the beginning of both numbers might be a little bit deceptive, but think about it: That means that out of every 10 friends you have, one of them has had an e-reader for a while, and one other just got one for Christmas — and two out of every ten of your friends are now reading on an e-reader (or at least playing games and browsing the Internet).

I look at these trends, and I think that despite the traditionalists' protests, ebooks are not going to go away.  They are a valid way to read books, an improvement over a format that has been around for centuries, just as the book itself was an improvement over scrolls.  (I wonder what the traditionalists' arguments were then?  "With scrolls you don't have to worry about losing a page!" or "It's made of animal skin so in 2,000 years it'll still be around!")  Don't get me wrong, I love physical books too, and will likely always have bookcases full of them in my house.  But thanks to e-readers, I can devote precious shelf space to the books I want to collect — old books, pretty books, and first editions — and get my reading books in digital format.  Plus, I can check out library books without leaving the house or worrying about overdue fines!  What's not to like?

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