Monday, January 9, 2012

Free calendar and organizer app!

iconiconIt's not a book, but I wanted to take a moment to review a fantastic app I just downloaded to my Nook Tablet earlier today.  I found out about it when it was posted to Barnes & Noble's Facebook page this morning.

A little background: I'd been wanting a way to sync calendars between my iPhone and Nook.  The iPhone calendar can be challenging to use, mainly because I don't always feel like typing on that little keyboard.  My Nook isn't always on me, though, so I don't want my primarily calendar to be on that device, and it seemed tedious to input all of my stuff on not just one but two touchscreen keyboards.

Cozi Family Organizer turned out to be just what I needed, even though I don't have a big family to organize calendars for.  (I did add our pets as family members to help keep their vet and other appointments straight.)  The biggest advantage is that it syncs between devices, so when I'm at home (with an Internet connection) I can use the Nook, and when I'm out I can use my iPhone.

Besides the calendar, the app has to-do lists and grocery lists, so I've added my husband as well so that we can share grocery lists.  So much better than keeping a pad of paper on the fridge!  We frequently forget to get items because they weren't on the list, so hopefully this will solve the issue by allowing us to add to our grocery list — and share what we've added — no matter where we happen to be at the time.

The iPhone app and the website are ad-supported, but so far I see no ads on the Nook (and the ads on the iPhone and website are fairly innocuous).  You can pay to get rid of the ads and get a few more features, but it's more than I need, so I'll put up with the ads for now.  Such an amazing free app!

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